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Level up your professional practice

Online resources, a private community and actionable tools curated by Brandon Taylor, founder of 23 Design Co.

Professional Practice resources, built by a pro-artist.

Brandon here, for over 10 years I've been a working artist, business owner, public sculptor, educator and, I'm a proud girl dad. 


The problem? Finding opportunities, navigating the internet, and research is a crucial skill as a pro. But, it takes a ton of time, where does one start, it's frickin noisy online, who's real and the list goes on.

The solution - provide curated resources and private community for support, feedback and networking.

​Whether you need a pro-practice co-pilot in college, help pitching a new project, starting a creative side hustle, going pro, or launching a business. This membership is designed to save you time, resources and increase your chances of success.

  • Curated online resources into easily searchable databases.
  • Go beyond "google it" and dive deep into what, where and who
  • Practical Tools
  • Downloads, templates and 
  • Networking, feedback and support from other creatives
  • Opportunity sharing and updates

An organized private member area

Click Icon to open member platform

So, what comes with the pre-order and when is launch?

If you made it here, I reached out directly or an ambassador referred you. We need your help getting this off the ground. 

For the numbers to work and special perks to kick in, we need 500 people to pre-order.

There are two things I ask now.


1) Pre-order. You will have lifetime access for one payment of $40.

2) Become an ambassador. And yes, commissions will be paid on pre-order referrals.

  • Why an annual membership?
    Membership fees help long term sustainability, support new features, and keep it clean. Free can be great, but most things rarely stay truly free. Be it running ads (pet peeve #1 for me), bots, spam, bad actors, you name it.
  • What is the ambassador program and how do I become one?
    I think this project will help a lot of creatives, the ambassador program is a way to help even more. I want to be fair when asking anyone who chooses to sign up and help me grow the project, it's as simple as that. Ambassador referral program​ Earn 25% commission for each new member sign up.​​​ Examples below​​ 1 new member = $40 x 25% = $10 commission​ 5 new members = $200 x 25% = $50 commission And so on. Refer folks cause you love it, to cover your annual dues, or make it a part time side hustle. There is no limit. Contact me for more info about becoming an ambassador -
  • What are the perks of the intern program and how do I sign up?
    Students can join as intern ambassadors. This is a performance based internship with required hours to complete (remote work and flexible hours), with the perks of being an ambassador but also include 1) Internship credit from 23 Design Co. for CV work experience and 2) a professional letter of reference, if you request it in the future. The membership price is the same for everyone. Students interested in learning more about the program can apply to become intern ambassadors by emailing
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the nature of the digital format and agreement terms for full access granted, there will be no refunds offered.
  • How are you sourcing your information?
    All data points in our lists, including emails, are publicly available. Sources include public filings, news outlets, established databases, social networks, and niche sites. I collect all the data by hand, then use the above sources to cross check the information.

About the project

bt2 (1)_edited.jpg

School is an exceptional place for an artist to develop technical skills, but rarely focuses on the business side of art during that time. 

I was always more interested in learning how to sustain my professional practice once I was out of school. Boy did I learn a lot since then. 

Navigating online resources, finding opportunities, and research is a crucial skill as a creative professional.


The problem? It takes a ton of time, where do you start, it's frickin noisy on free platforms, what's real, who's real and the list goes on.

The Solution - provide curated online resources and a private community to get support, feedback and network throughout your creative career.  

​Whether you are looking for a pro-practice co-pilot in college, starting a creative side hustle, going pro, launching a business or researching other ways to apply your creative skills. This membership, its resources and community are designed to help your chances of success.

Sign up now and lets go!

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