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North Lakes Dog Park

Being local artists of the Denton area, we were invited to propose a concept for the North Lakes Dog Park development site and help the project reach dedication of it's grand opening.

Project Details

  • Budget - $35,000

  • Materials - Steel, Stainless Steel, Aircraft Aluminum and Structural Aluminum Frame.

  • Construction Method - Waterjet, CNC machining, Welding, Powder Coated Finish.

Concept Model

nldp 3 views.png
nldp b and w.png

Pups and People

As local Denton residents, we have had the
opportunity to take our pups to the dog park for
a healthy social treat and research. After spending time on the site, the team observed there was a fundamental exchange happening between the dogs and their owners.
They were all playing fetch.

It was an energetic, diverse exchange of dogs and humans excitedly interacting as a group with a common purpose of “get the ball!!!”. It became clear, the theater was for the owners to talk amongst themselves about their pups’
engaging with one another. Just like all parents do with their little ones at any social gathering.

Our concept is capturing a moment of this activity, exaggerated in the dogs’ gesture and precarious balance, which suggests any moment the pack will topple and the game will be started anew.

The human element is suggestive. Anyone can throw the ball and see it bounce between the dogs attempting to retrieve it. All can watch, see their pack socialize, engage in the activity and wait to see who shall be picked to restart the
next game of fetch.

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Community Grand Opening

IMG_4634 conv.jpeg
IMG_1728 conv.jpeg

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at or (940) 783-8420

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