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Artist Collaboration

The Affiliate Artist Program

Entering the public art field can present many challenges, such as required previous work, facilities, equipment, labor, insurance and business structure, which all can be daunting to the budding creative.

We work with artists, aspiring and established, to assist them with our services in the public art process. By collaborating  with our business, we provide the platform for artists to focus on the creative side while we do the heavy lifting. 

Our program is simple enough to understand. If an artist is invited, seeks or gains a public art commission, we enter as experienced collaborators, assist in project management, are designated as primary fabricators and oversee installation logistics.

If you are ready to launch a project and wish to learn more about our program, download our project check list.

Artist Collaborations

Christine Sanders

  • Budget - $35,000

  • Materials - Steel and Porcelain Tile

  • Construction Method - Waterjet, CNC machining, Welding, Automotive Polyurethane Finish.


Christine Sanders.png

Archit Karkare

  • Budget - $70,000

  • Materials - Hand crafted Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Steel

  • Construction Method - Laser CNC, Hand Cut and Formed, Welding, Automotive Anodized/Paint finish.


Ready to learn more about our program and start your public art project?

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Please feel free to contact us at or (940) 783-8420

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