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'SERVE' a community collaboration for The Denton Tennis Center

UNT Art Student's Talent 'Soars' in School's Frisco Branch Campus

By Noelle Walker • Published January 23, 2023 • Updated on January 23, 2023 at 6:37 pm

Soaring to new heights

excerpt from article by Heather Noel

“It’s been a fun process working with Archit and teaching him about the art business,” Taylor says. “With a sculpture that’s one of a kind, it’s not like you can follow a building plan like you would do for a house. We plan as much as we can, especially with our computer-aided design (CAD) programming, but there’s still an element of the unknown you have to troubleshoot.”

Those necessary tweaks were even happening as Karkare and the 23 Design Co. team were installing “Soaring” in Frisco. “While we were installing, we had to make sure everything looked right and as close to the rendering as possible,” Karkare says. “That meant adapting orientations slightly to make sure the sculpture was visually interesting when it was suspended.”

Once finished, Karkare stepped back and looked at it for the first time in the space. “I just had this sense of relief,” Karkare says. “Then later, it really hit me. I am so proud of how well it turned out.”

Written by

Heather Noel

Assistant Director

Research Communications

University of North Texas

Power to the pugs pulls the pug on traditional art

article by Samantha Thornfelt

The collection of white, crowned hydrocal dogs is part of the newly launched Power to the Pugs project. The collectible public art project was created by local creative design-build studio 23 Design Co., which officially let the dogs out on July 13. 

Visit link for full article

Denton Fire Station 3 Sculpture
Shields of Tradition

filmed by Zach Ashcraft from Denton Television

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